Beautiful What Are The Best Fantasy Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day?

What Are The Best Fantasy Movies To Watch On Valentines

What Are The Best Fantasy Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day?

One of the best selling types of fantasy movies these days is the rise of superhero movies. With such movies as Harry Potter, Spider Man, and The Lord of the Rings around, it is no surprise that interest in these films have soared. Of course, this interest in fantasy movies extends past the realm of the silver screen. There are also many television shows which feature these types of stories and characters.

If you are looking for fantasy movies to watch for Valentine’s Day, the list of titles should be easy to compile. January is the second month of the year, and movies about love, romance, and the beginning of a new year should make great additions to your collection. Some of the most popular of the fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day include Soulmate, Romance, Train to Go Home, and More Than Golden. All of these will have your heart racing with excitement as they deal with what could be great relationships or are just about the worst.

Another segment of fantasy movies to watch for Valentine’s Day is sci-fi. Two of the most popular of this genre are Ender’s Game and Star Trek Beyond. While the former deals with an android and the latter deals with space travel, both movies are worth the time. Ender’s Game focuses on the struggle of a human against the ruthless pirates of Mars. While Star Trek Beyond takes place hundreds of years in the future and deals with the Federation and the remnants of the Human Empire.

Another set of fantasy movies to watch for February is the casts of the upcoming slate of movies releasing in the next few months. Among the cast are recognizable faces from the Harry Potter series, namely Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Aidan Gillen. Other names to keep an eye out for are Chance the Stranger, starring Jack Sparrow, and Warcraft, which is scheduled to release in March. These are only some of the many fantasy movies to keep an eye on during Valentine’s Day. There is no telling how many surprises are in store for us this year!

A couple more fantasy movies to keep an eye on are The Dark Crystal and Ready Player One. The latter is a fantasy/adventure film directed by George Clooney and written by William Gibson. It is based on the novel written by Dan Brooks. It is arguably one of the best science fiction movies released last year, and the hype surrounding it is reason enough to see it in theaters now. The Dark Crystal is due out in March and features an all star cast including Edward Norton, Matt Damon, and Bill Murray. The upcoming Ready Player One film is also worth a look.

As far as the best fantasy movies to watch for Valentine’s Day goes, I would have to say that the aforementioned two movies are in my personal top choices. The Twilight saga continues to entertain while the Harry Potter film franchise makes its triumphant return. Both of these films have their own unique charm and will no doubt attract viewers on this special day. So, take a bow, and enjoy the fantasy movies to pair with a good bottle of wine and a nice movie after dinner.

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