Great Some Innovative Solutions You Can Build Your Own Shelves For Your Wellies and Boots

Some Innovative Solutions You Can Build Your Own Shelves For

Some Innovative Solutions You Can Build Your Own Shelves For Your Wellies and Boots

When it comes to shoe storage, IKEA provides some of the best and most creative solutions out there. If you visit their website you will notice that they have a shoe storage bench that looks like a stool, and it is very functional. What’s more, this bench can be used to store shoes on any of the three sides. The top is flat so there is no bumping or sagging. When it comes to storing shoes, this is one of the best ideas that IKEA provides.

If you’re looking for a little more rustic than the built in shoe storage bench, you might consider a garden trading stool. IKEA actually makes these so it may not be as easy as finding a matching bench, but it is still very useful. Choose a stool that matches the rest of your decor so that it blends well with your garden trading area. For example, take this stool for instance, the wooden frame is all white in the hallway leading from the entryway, so the white storage unit fits perfectly. You don’t want it to stand out visually or it could overpower the area.

Another great idea that Iikea provides for shoe storage is the shoe hanging shoe rack. This feature allows you to store two to four pairs of shoes on the side at once. This way, you’ll have room for a pair of running shoes or flip-flops, as well as shoe storage for casual or dressy shoes. The shoe hanging shoe rack is made out of a strong plastic, and has holes on the side so you can hang up shoes on them.

If you have vertical space issues, there are also many solutions that Iikea provides. They offer shoe storage cabinets that come in wood or metal frames as well as wire, plastic, or clear plastic versions. There are also wooden cases that look like wooden cabinets, but have steel rods and drawers underneath. These work well in larger areas, or in homes where there is more than one floor. Most of their vertical space solutions are available in the smaller sizes as well as in the larger sizes.

If you’re looking for shoe storage that is portable and can go wherever you need it to, you might want to think about IKEA’s cartier style of storage bench. This bench has a flexible spot for keeping your wellies, boots, and shoes arranged in a neat manner. It has a space for storing boots and wellies separately as well as having a section for other items. The bench can fold up flat for compact storage and comes in different colors as well as styles. It can go on a wheeled base or stand on its own.

If you need more than what was described above, or if you are looking for a bigger shoe storage solution, Eagle Creek offers some innovative solutions. Their shoe rack arm is designed to fit over your existing armoire so that all of those extra boxes and bags are neatly tucked away when not being used. This innovative design also gives your home a clean, organized appearance. Eagle creek’s other solutions include an end-load armoire that has a shoe storage compartments that can be pulled out for easy access; and, they also offer a shoe rack vanity, which looks just like a chest of drawers but is designed specifically to hold a number of wellies and boots.

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