Unique Creative No Vacancies for a Vacant Man (Movie Review)

No Vacancies for a Vacant Man Movie Review

No Vacancies for a Vacant Man (Movie Review)

One of the most well known films of all time, Valentine’s Day Massacre is a masterpiece that tells the story of a Valentine’s Day Massacre. This particular film has been viewed countless times over and is one of those rare films from the 1970s that really did live up to its hype. In essence, Valentine’s Day Massacre is a Western version of an animated film. A great many viewers are familiar with both versions of this film, which has become one of the defining films of its time and continues to entertain to this day.

Charlton Heston plays the title role of Martin Bishop, an ex-cop who is out to get revenge on the owner of a bar that burned down his family home. As luck would have it, he winds up in the town of Salida, Colorado during valentines day. Once there he runs into an old friend named Joe Durland (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and the two begin to have a chance at reconciliation. Shortly thereafter, Joe makes a startling discovery that will change both of their lives. The film then quickly moves to present day, as Joe and Martin go after the gun used to kill the former valentine’s day massacre victim, yet to no avail.

If you are looking for an excellent Valentine’s Day Massacre movie that you could watch with your significant other, this would definitely be a top candidate. It is a true story, but more importantly it is a film that everyone should watch. Charlton Heston is a true actor that brought true emotion to every part of this film. His iconic portrayal of killer took the lives of not only the characters involved, but also of the entire city of Salida as well.

The plot of No Vacancies for a Vacant Man involves a man named Mike who, using his extra money, buys a lottery ticket. Upon winning, he immediately splashes most of his winnings on his girlfriend’s new car… until he realizes that he has to pay off his debt to continue living in this nice house. The ensuing conflict between him and his friend Ryan sparks one of the biggest gun fights ever filmed. This film ranks right up there with the best of the genre.

One of the things that I most appreciate in a film is when the movie manages to entertain as many people as possible without sacrificing quality. No Vacancies for a Vacant Man does just that. The entire movie is filled with funny scenes, musical numbers, and even a few tearjerking moments. Overall, No Vacancies for a Vacant Man is an absolute must-see film…

In summation, No Vacancies for a Vacant Man is a fantastic romantic comedy that every moviegoer should see. If you enjoy comedies that center around the life of a normal person going about their normal lives (as opposed to the life of a superstar artist or political figure), then you’ll love No Vacancies for a Vacant Man. If you prefer films where the main characters are evil henchmen for hire, then No Vacancies for a Vacant Man is not for you. However, if you’re a fan of the late Michael Caine, then you’ll love No Vacancy for a Vacant Man. No Vacancy for a Vacant Man is a definite must-see film…

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