Beautiful My Bucket List Istanbul Review – An Intimate Travel Review

My Bucket List Istanbul Review – An Intimate Travel Review

My Bucket List Istanbul Review – An Intimate Travel Review

For a bucket list lover like me, Istanbul is a bucket list destination. I have been there more times than I can count. My bucket list has become my ” bucket list of places.” Some people get their bucket list lists done before they even arrive in the city. If you are heading to Istanbul soon, I would suggest reading some articles about accommodation, food and sight seeing.

To start with, my bucket list started with breakfast in Taksim square. At Taksim there is a beautiful garden where you can lay back, take a nice cool drink and have a picnic, all under the shade of trees. My bucket list was completed. I would come back to Taksim, having had a relaxing and delicious meal.

My next bucket list destination was a little lesser known. It was at the top of my list, so it had to be at least as good. At Oktana, there are amazing beaches, resorts and golf courses all within an hour drive of each other. So, it was time to hit the links and enjoy some pampering.

My third bucket list destination was the fourth most important city in Turkey. Istanbul was my first visit to the European side of Istanbul. The best part was that my flight was landing right on the beach. The little rented car picked me up and I drove it around until I came across a nice little restaurant. It was a little expensive, but the food and service was pretty good. Once I got home, the five star hotel that I was staying at put me up in a guest house on the Intensive Services.

So, what was left to see and do? I went to Marmaris for a few days and did plenty of shopping. I ended up buying my first two piece of English furniture. There are some beautiful old churches and architecture in this little town. I really enjoyed my experience in Marmaris.

My final bucket list destination was Gazios close to my home in Antalya. I had read about this place on a few forums that I frequent. When I arrived, I didn’t think that I had ever seen anything quite like the gazios themselves. They looked amazing, with their lush green trees, lush garden and fish swimming in the water.

In my bucket list Istanbul experience, I ended up going to the Blue Mosque and visiting Mustafa tomb. Mustafa was born in 9th century and is one of the earliest religious figures in history. His tomb is located next to the Blue Mosque. I also visited the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Flag Museum. These places are only a few minutes from my home in Antalya, so they were a nice change of pace and an addition to my bucket list.

The best part of my time in Istanbul was all the sightseeing. Sure, the hotels and markets and restaurants were great, but when you think about it, the main thing that I got out of the city was the scenery. It’s a stunning place. And it has a lot to offer visitors from both Western and Eastern worlds. My bucket list istanbul should be added to next time so that I can include more of my favourite places and activities in the area.

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