Legendary Dorm Room Ideas For Guys

Dorm Room Ideas For Guys

Dorm Room Ideas For Guys

Asking a few girls what dorm room ideas they would have is like taking a peek into their future, as they enter college for the first time. dorm rooms are not all alike, as each dorm is unique in size, layout, and structure. While this may seem intimidating to some, it is really quite simple to design a dorm room that looks great, keeps your friends close, and allows you to make new friends. dorm room ideas for guys can be somewhat similar to dorm room ideas for girls, because dorm rooms can be shared by both men and women.

Dorm Life Dorms are notorious for having a plethora of activities and other distractions, and your dorm room ideas for guys should incorporate a bit of that in with your interior decorating. Consider having a craft area where you can work on projects and learn something new every day. This will help you to cut down on any studying time, since you won’t have to spend hours trying to complete a project. An area to hang posters and pictures will also be useful, and adding some art supplies, like paint, scissors, and even a few jigsaw pieces will add to the “artistic” element of your dorm room ideas for guys. Be sure to add lighting to keep the interior from looking too dark.

Wall Art A wall gallery may seem like a strange dorm room ideas for guys’ dorm room ideas, but it is actually very easy to create. Use your dorm room mirror to hang a large picture that you would like to hang on the wall. Then use the same wall space to hang another nice picture that has some meaning to you or your significant other. It’s also a good idea to choose two or three nice pictures that you like the best, and have those permanently hung on the wall. You can change them regularly, or change them only during specific times of the year.

Dorm Decorating Another dorm room ideas for guys that involves decorating is decorating the room to reflect yourself or a special event in your life. If you are a dad, decorate the dorm room in a way that reflects his personality. If you grew up in a musical family, decorate in a way that reflects the music you listened to growing up. Or if sports is your thing, decorate with things that reflect your favorite sport.

Related Postings Another dorm room ideas for guys that involves decorating is to choose related postings that relate to the dorm room itself. If you are a gamer, maybe you could hang up a poster-sized version of your dorm room ideas for guys on the walls that have a common theme. Or if sports is more your thing, maybe you could hang up a collage of pictures from all of your favorite teams. It doesn’t matter what the theme is as long as it is related to your dorm room.

Coziest Dorm Rooms Most cozier dorm rooms for guys have an extra special charm to them. Whether it’s a smell of bacon in the morning, or the sight of beer bottles scattered across the floor, these dorm rooms have a certain mystique that no other place on campus can really replicate. If you are looking for dorm room ideas for guys, one of the best ways to create the right vibe is to create a cozy feel. This is done by decorating with items that are related to your own home, such as knick knacks and wall art that has some type of boho or gypsy design.

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