Beautiful Benefits of Pencil Drawing for Kids

Benefits of Pencil Drawing for Kids

Benefits of Pencil Drawing for Kids

The art of pencil drawing has been handed down from caveman to modern artist. Though pencils were first used for marking purposes, today it is used extensively for sketching and designing images. Although graphite was first quarried in the early 16th century, only fine pieces of naturally mined graphite, embedded in a (preferably, wood), is known till date. Then only minor trace amounts of graphite details are included in most sketches, namely in landscape and botanical drawings by Dutch artists of the seventeenth century. From this point of view, it can be said that the art of pencil drawing for kids has been a long time coming.

It was Thomas Jefferson and other American Fathers who transformed the art of pencil drawing for kids from purely rough sketching into an acceptable and polished product. It was Thomas Edison who refined the process by introducing the electric pencil, thereby making the process less time consuming and labor intensive. But even today, pencil drawing for kids remain a traditional process and is seldom replaced by any new technologies. It’s all about skill and patience.

One can draw various types of portraits using pencil drawing for girls. It can include any type of girl’s formal portrait or any informal picture. For example, it can include a snapshot of your little daughter while she’s singing at her birthday party, or a portrait of you and your spouse on your wedding anniversary. These pictures can be printed on colored paper and used as a canvas for your kid’s art work. Some girls like to draw their own face with very detailed lines while some prefer to draw an elaborate background with shading. In addition, you can choose to include cartoon-like images of your child in her pencil art portraits.

When it comes to the topics of their sketches, there’s no dearth of subjects for your little artists. They can choose to focus on animals, people, nature, or a combination of subjects. Subjects which are easily illustrated using pencils include trees, leaves, flowers, birds, cars and trucks, etc. On the other hand, if your kid wants to concentrate on colors, she can draw animals, faces, people, houses, and some pieces of furniture. As you can see, there’s no dearth of subjects for her to sketch.

Another advantage of pencil drawing for kids is that they usually enjoy the process and take pleasure in executing their own innovative ideas. They can add their personal touch to their artworks and show them off in any way they want. This also helps them to develop their unique artistic style. On the contrary, traditionally trained artists may not enjoy self-taught painting and may prefer to stick to the traditional style of portraying abstracts and miniatures.

There are other benefits associated with pencil drawing for kids which many traditionalists tend to ignore or overlook. For example, traditionalists generally don’t like limited shading and shape to be included in a work of art because it limits their freedom to depict realistic and engaging images. On the other hand, those who use graphite pencils often prefer a wider colour palette since they can express themselves more freely. Through various experiments done by children and young artists alike, a lot of benefits have been discovered regarding pencil drawing for kids.

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