Unique Creative Australia’s Christmas Island is One of the Best Places to Visit

Australias Christmas Island is One of the Best Places to

Australia’s Christmas Island is One of the Best Places to Visit

Welcome to Christmas Island, Australia’s most remote and beautiful island. With more than 225,000 red snapper (including several endangered species) to perch on its rocky coastline, having back-to-nature on Christmas Island takes on whole new meaning. A three and a half hour flight from Perth takes you right away to the island, where you can spend the Christmas break in relative peace and harmony, away from the commercialism of the city. After that, it’s a short boat ride to the sea, where you’ll have a much better chance of spotting the beautiful Christmas Island Red Crab. Although it may take a bit of effort to get to the island, once you are there you will be awestruck by the amazing sights and sounds of this hidden paradise, which is only reached by a boat trip from Perth.

The holiday season on Christmas Island marks the annual migration of the red crabs from the waters around Australia. Mating season occurs at this time and the crabs quickly build up their numbers so much that they are able to move between the beaches all year round. The whole migration route takes about nine months to follow and each year around 150 red crabs make their way to Christmas Island to mate and start the migration. In fact, this yearly migration is so amazing that Australian scientists have been forced to give them a name: the “Christmas Island Red Crab.”

Moving right up to the coast from Christmas Island, the road passes through a lush forest full of ferns and palm trees. As the road passes through these trees, you will see evidence of the crabs’ annual migration. Crabs gather on the coastal cliffs, which serve as their shelter, while females lay eggs, which they need to nourish and carry with them during their long journey. Once these eggs reach maturity, they must make their way to a place where they can mate and reproduce. From here, they return to the ocean to replenish themselves.

On Christmas Island, the cliffs face a sandy expanse known as the ‘Red Crab Migration Bay’. If you look at the cliffs from this point in time, you will see evidence of the incredible red crab migration. This migration allows the crabs to get to places where they are highly nutritious and safe. In fact, in its most acidic environment, the red crab must eat much more seaweed than it would normally do if it lived in its home waters on the mainland. And it uses these specially crafted shells to satisfy its appetite for nutrients as well as to satisfy its need for a safe landing site.

Towards the end of your trip on Christmas Island, the centre will welcome you with its lovely cafe and gift shop. But it’s not the centre’s main attraction; nor is it the perfect place to celebrate a family holiday. The detention centre is much more for the tourist interested in what is on offer in this small New Zealand city. It houses both the Christmas Island Police Force and the Civil Aviation Authority and is located next to the airport. The detention centre is also home to a large variety of cultural events that travellers are invited to attend.

In addition to the police force and the Civil Aviation Authority, Australia has got loads of other interesting attractions. Some of the main attractions include; the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, the Sydney Tower, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Great Barrier Reef, the Olgas and Moreton Bay beaches, the Southern Cross Track, the Barangaroo Forest and the National Motor Museum. If you’re a film buff, then you will love this area. There are two main movie making companies that have studios in Australia. To see the world like never before, plan a holiday to Australia that includes a stay on Christmas Island. If you’re lucky, then you might even meet the love of your life here.

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